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Pisses , 84002 , GRECIA


is one of the biggest islands of Cyclades, in terms of its dimensions as well as the one closest to Attica. Full of magnificent coasts but also lots of splendid places, it invites you to discover it!

How can you reach the island

The ships to Kea daily leave from the port of Lavrio and the duration of the voyage is one hour. Likewise from Kea you have the opportunity to reach Syros and Kythnos.

You can arrive in Lavrio either through the Attica road or through the road along the coast (Poseidonos) through the route Athens-Sounion.

Exactly outside the train station you will find the underground station. You get off at Omonia square and then you go aboard the electric station towards Kifissia, you get off at the first stop, walk for about 100km up to the field of Mars where you will find the regional buses which leave for Lavrio every half hour.

From the airport there is a bus that reaches Lavrio through the Markopoulo Attica.

Having Omonia Square as your starting mark you take the electric railway, you get off at Victoria station, you walk along for about 100m up to the Field of Mars where you will find the regional buses (KTEL), which leave towards Lavrio every half hour. There is also a special daily itinerary that reaches Lavrio through Attica Road.

With the electric railway you get off at Victoria Station, you stride towards the field of Mars for about 100km where you will find the regional buses (KTEL) that leave for Lavrio every half hour.

Arriving at Pisses

Arriving at Kea, Pisses are on the western side, almost in the centre of the island, therefore it is regarded the ideal starting-point for your tour around the island of Tzia. So start off from Pisses and discover Tzia!

Following the route from Pisses to Kastriani Ioulida

The sight of Ioulida with the Cycladic white residences, constructed amphitheatrically upon three hills, will always be engraved on your memory. Ioulida or Chora, the capital of the island has a lot of interesting places that you should visit. Leave your car at the parking lot and go uphill from Rokomeno, following the small ascent that ends up in Piazza square, where you will find a variety of shops. Walking under the roofing, select which route you are going to take in order to begin your stroll in the country lanes, the quaint shops and the major sights. Wander about all the quartes of the town, Kastro, Katochori, Mesada, Panochori. Visit the Castle that only some of its parts have been rescued up to this day, the Church of Saint Charalambos (patron saint of the island), the archeological museum, the two magnificent neoclassical buildings, the Town Hall and the building that in the past used to be a school, both designed by Ernst Tsiller, the Lion of Kea, which dates back in the archaic era, the neoclassical spring of Benjamin, as well as the Cathedral of Ioulida. The Annunciation of Virgin Mary (Dimotikia).


The port of Korissia or Livadi is a traditional Cycladic settlement in which apart from the different stores which you will find in order to do your shopping and buy your souvenirs, you will also relish your coffee, food and drinks. Moreover, there is a very beautiful, clean, sandy beach for you to bathe. Furthermore, in Korissia you can visit the Emaje Factory, which in the pastused to be of essential importance for the economy of the island. A lot of its machinery are currently exposed in a public space, near the factory. Approximately 1.5km after Korissia, you will see Gialiskari, one of the most well known and organized beaches of the island with a great deal of trees, whereas very near the beach, on a hillside expands the homonymous settlement.


Vourkari is a picturesque, seaside settlement. In its bay anchor pleasure crafts, sail boats whereas it is often the final destination of sailing races. Going on a walk along the coastline, you will find a great variety of cafès, bars, restaurants, shops with souvenirs and all sorts of gifts, and galleries. Opposite the settlement is situated the church of Saint Irini. Pay a visit to the chapel as well as the adjoining archeological site, which is of considerable significance. In the wider region you will see the alley way of Lambros Katsonis, the deserted industrial district of Kokka and the beacon of Saint Nicholas. Further east from Vourkari, at about 3km, comes into view the sublime beach with the thick shade created by the trees and the scenic settlement of Otzias. In the well-organized beach, you will find a each bar as well as a number of restaurants. A few kilometers later, you will be fascinated by the image of the Monastery of the Virgin of Kastriani, which is absolutely dominant in an imposing way, on top of the hill. The atmosphere along with the panorama from the Madonna of Kastriani are indeed something truly unique!